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If you don't need a case or a larger order, buying from your favorite retailer is often the best way to go.


While you can aways buy online, the popularity of Germ Blitz has given us the opportunity to partner with retailers in your area.  Find one near you!



Kills Germs & Odors

Easy-to-use Germ Blitz is sprayed, killing germs and disinfecting all types of sports equipment and surfaces. Committed to keeping athletes safe! Germ Blitz product is an EPA approved disinfectant, developed specifically to safely kill germs and eliminate odors on and in your gear.

5 Reasons to Buy
  1. Designed & Developed for Sports Equipment

  2. Kills 99% Germs

  3. Kills Mold & Mildew

  4. Eliminates Odors

  5. EPA Approved