"Great Product! First one I've used on Hockey Equipment that actually works!"

-Avid Hockey Player, Akron, OH

“The nice thing about Germ Blitz is the three different options of delivery (wipes, aerosol and trigger spray). Our customers like the option of the delivery system with the trigger spray and aerosol.  The trigger spray is able to be used to get a more accurate stream of Germ Blitz to the intended area."

-Play It Again Sports, Evansville, IN


“We have found the Germ Blitz products to be more effective than other similar products we have carried in the past.  We have actually developed a couple "Germ Blitz Regulars" -- people who consistently come back to the store to grab a can or spray every few weeks or so.  Occasionally, we will demonstrate the product for a customer in the store, and people are always impressed by Germ Biltz.”

-Play It Again Sports, Lyndhurst, OH


"I have recently fallen in love with the sport of boxing. The intensity of each workout leaves me drenched in sweat. My main issue with the sport is that my boxing gloves smell absolutely awful. I have used almost every product I could find to try and eliminate this foul smell. The only product I have found that actually works to kill the germs while getting rid of the foul odor has been Germ Blitz. I use Germ Blitz Aerosol on the inside of my gloves and Germ Blitz wipes for the outside of my gloves and yoga accessories. I was completely shocked at how well Germ Blitz works and would recommend these products to anyone!"

-Deborah, Chagrin Falls, OH

"When I was in high school, I contracted MRSA in a hockey locker room. Ever since, I have done anything and everything to properly disinfect my hockey equipment. I tried using household disinfectants, but they left an irritatiing rash on my forearms. I could not find anyting that worked properly until my friend let me use his Germ Blitz Aerosol. Since then, I will only use Germ Blitz for my hockey equipment, running shoes, and weight equipment at home! Great Product!"

-Andrew, Cleveland, OH

"Before using Germ Blitz, my boxing gloves and workout/training equipment smelled awful. I tried numerous disinfectant products, but I still could not get rid of the smell. After using Germ Blitz, not only has the odor gone away, but it STAYED AWAY! I use the aerosol spray after every boxing class I take and teach and use the wipes on the weight equipment after personal training sessions. Germ Blitz WORKS!"

-Deanna, Solon, OH

Kills Germs & Odors

Easy-to-use Germ Blitz is sprayed, killing germs and disinfecting all types of sports equipment and surfaces. Committed to keeping athletes safe! Germ Blitz product is an EPA approved disinfectant, developed specifically to safely kill germs and eliminate odors on and in your gear.

5 Reasons to Buy
  1. Designed & Developed for Sports Equipment

  2. Kills 99% Germs

  3. Kills Mold & Mildew

  4. Eliminates Odors

  5. EPA Approved